Maggots Heal Wounds

In many cases of Diabetes, where a patient has open sores and wounds, maggots are used to help in the process of healing:

Medical maggots (fly larvae) won’t take over your body. They’re completely disinfected, sterile and only interested in dinging on dead tissue around a wound – which encourages new, healthy tissue to grow in its place.

Usually you can’t feel a thing, unless you’re already feeling pain due to the exposed nerves. In that case, you may feel the creatures’ movements, but pain relievers should take care of that. Oh….spare me!

Don’t imagine that these tiny, squirmy critters will burrow anywhere they shouldn’t. Once they’re done helping you heal, they’re treated like medical waste and quickly disposed of.

This larvae-lunch therapy helps heal bedsores, surgical wounds and diabetic ulcers.

Diabetes can foster festering wounds because poor circulation hinders healing, and nerve damage can let sores appear without any pain. If the wound doesn’t heal, it can lead to amputation of a toe, foot or leg. Maggot therapy is approved by the FDA and is considered safe.

Adapted from Dr. Oz.