Your Recovery: Can you reverse the damage on your body?

By now, you are probably getting the idea that your body is incredibly complex and totally controlled by your Nervous System – that amazing, unbelievably complicated system of neurons, relays, neurotransmitters, with the ability to control approximately 150,000 chemical reactions occurring in your body every second – and while you are eating your lunch, having a coffee, watching the game, shopping, driving, etc. Amazing!Sobering thought isn’t it? So how do we handle this?

Your Recovery

Last month I talked to you about the process of disease and the fact that your body creates symptoms once it can no longer handle whatever is going on inside you. And it is designed and programmed to handle just about anything – but there are limits! Think about it; your very own personal alarm monitoring system! That is incredible!

I also mentioned that the medical- pharmaceutical folks profit from your disease and your symptoms. Consider this: It is very profitable for you to be sick! There is no profit in you being healthy or regaining your health. Would it not be so much more profitable to have you continue being sick? Sobering thought isn’t it? So how do we handle this?

My approach, as your chiropractor, is very different: Instead of turning off your body’s alarm system – your symptoms – would it not make more sense to see if we could correct and eliminate whatever caused your nervous system not to function normally in the first place? Would you agree this approach makes more sense?

I mentioned earlier that we call this interference a “Vertebral Subluxation.” And years ago, in the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s, it was explained as a “misalignment” of one of the vertebrae of the spine. We now know that is not really correct and I will explain this is detail a little bit later. A Subluxation interferes in the manner with which your nervous system transmits information all over your body.

When a Subluxation is in the process of being corrected (and it is a process), you soon notice that your symptoms begin to subside and disappear. This does not mean that you are healthy or the problem is corrected, it just means that your body is now more able to handle it on its own – as it did before. This is a very important distinction and I really need you to understand this point. So please don’t get stuck on the idea that everything is now hunky dory. It is not! You are in transition. You just feel better. That’s all! The problem is still very much there but you may not be aware of it!

Why is this so important? Well….it is because most Subluxations are a neurological habit. A pattern. A habit your body had adopted as its “normal.” And you know very well how hard it is to beat a habit you’ve learned that is deep seated!

I find that this is difficult for many patients to understand – so please ask me and I’ll be thrilled to explain it to you clearly.

The other really cool thing is that the malfunction your body has been experiencing begins to slowly subside. In other words, things start to function the way they were actually designed. You are beginning to follow your default program again. The pathology begins to heal and you start on the road to recovery. Your body begins to start and try to reverse the disease process! Think about the implications of that! You see, your body is a self-healing and a self-repairing organism. It is designed and programmed to heal! What an incredible thought!

Let me illustrate this point using a really clear analogy: You are standing on a hill in the winter and I hand you a snowball. You fumble it, drop it, and now we are chasing it down the hill. Near the bottom, guess what happens to the size of this snowball? You are right, it is huge – we have an avalanche!

At this point, we only have three things that must be accomplished:

  1. One, we need to slowly slow down the snowball from rolling further down the hill
  2. Two, stop it from going any further
  3. Three, dig our heels in, shoulder this snowball, and start to roll it back to the top of the hill.

In other words, see if we can reverse the damage, the pathophysiology, and the pathology. You are probably thinking: “Is that possible?” The answer is a resounding “YES.”

It is very possible to reverse the damage your body has been experiencing. Is it possible to totally reverse it? That depends on many factors – the degree of damage, your age, your nutritional habits, your body’s ability to heal, your compliance with my recommendations, ability to follow my suggestions, your perseverance and stubbornness, your determination, and the length of time your Subluxations has existed – the habit that has been formed!

The rest of it, we have all been plagued with ad nauseum, such as exercise, vitamins, supplements, strangeand weird diets, etc., can be viewed as window dressing. Without the above three most important elements that I mentioned, the rest of the plethora of self-help and medications that are available to the public will not be effective. Period.

It is because of these profound principles that Chiropractic has set itself apart from allopathic Medicine.

Many patients ask me “Why don’t chiropractors and physicians get along and work together?” I do not honestly know how to answer that question because the two professions are so vastly different; like oil and water, and I can never see them mixing together smoothly – the principles of health and life are so vastly different between both of them.