The Sneeze

They walked in tandem, each of the ninety-two students filing into the already crowded auditorium. With their rich maroon gowns flowing and the traditional caps, they looked almost as grown up as they felt. Dads swallowed hard behind broad smiles, and Moms freely brushed away tears. This class would NOT pray during the commencements, not by choice, but because of a recent Court ruling prohibiting it.

The Principal and several students were careful to stay within the guidelines allowed by the ruling. They gave inspirational and challenging speeches, but there was no mention of any Divine Guidance and no one asked for blessings on the graduates or their families. Continue reading “The Sneeze” »

What They NEVER Want You To Find Out About Real Butter

Health authorities have been telling us for years that foods like butter, rich in saturated fat, are clogging our arteries and causing heart disease. So they told us to replace them with trans-fat laden margarine, and how did that turn out?

Then came poly-unsaturated vegetable oils, and now new research is linking these omega-6 rich fats to all sorts of health problems, including potentially increased risk of cancer.

The real question is; was there ever a problem with butter in the first place? The answer just might surprise you. Continue reading “What They NEVER Want You To Find Out About Real Butter” »

Handful of Raisins Lower Blood Pressure to Safe Levels

If you have slightly raised blood pressure (pre-hypertension), don’t turn to a drug – snack on some raisins every day to lower it. Eating a handful three times a day has a dramatic effect, and can normalize your levels. Although people seem to know that raisins are good for hypertension, nobody actually had got round to proving it. So researchers from the Louisville Metabolic and Atherosclerosis Research Center (L-Marc) decided to do just that.

Continue reading “Handful of Raisins Lower Blood Pressure to Safe Levels” »

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